Metaverse is just the next level of communication

Communication is a basic skill for any species in the world. We all pass information using different techniques, by speech, body language or set of predefined signs. Sometimes it is a special move, and sometimes it is a sound. We divide it by verbal languages, like English or Spanish. We have nonverbal languages to express it by hand signals. Furthermore, we write on paper or use programming languages to do more complex stuff.

Humanity was evolving communication. We have defined languages: special sets of sounds and signs. We started using simple pictograms on the walls of the caves. Later we tried to write signs in stone or mad. After many years we figure out the paper, then printing and electricity to pass information even faster.

    title Evolution of communication
    Sounds : First spoken languages
    Images : Pictograms
    Text : Writing
    Spread of information : Books
      : Printing
    Electricity : Text messaging
                : Phone calls
                : Emoji
    Internet : Chat
      : Audio calls
      : Video calls
      : Games
      : Vlogs
      : Streaming
    Metaverse : Games
      : Virtual reality
      : Extended reality

It seems like, we always wanted to store some information for next generations. We were telling stories sitting by a campfire, and after years we send videos to each other describing another fascinating story. Telling stories is not only about the information itself. It’s also about emotions that we want to pass to someone. Firstly we had to meet personally, then we figure out how to send messages. They were simple in the beginning, but with years we figure out the emojis. They have only one person, pass the feeling, the emotions. We have also audio, we can call someone. We figure out how to extend this with video calls to not only use voice to pass emotions, but also to include our body language. So we have text messaging evolving to pass more and more emotions. The same situation is with audio getting more and more features to transfer not only audio, video, but also to add overlays which help to extend our abilities to communicate our mood. Gaming is evolving even faster. It’s right now, including not only text or audio. You can dance, show off your body language by your character in the game. The next level is metaverse.

We use all of those sources to express ourselves. Pass our ideas, achievements worth remembering or simply our passion.

The next enhancement of communication might be metaverse. When you are far away, you can jump in into a virtual world and not only use voice or body language, but also interact. You can pass information not only by yourself, but also by surroundings. You are not only expressed by the character you create. Not only that, but you have to prepare also virtual world.

Suddenly, you don’t only care about how you are looking in the virtual world, but also how this virtual world is designed. Telling stories about your adventures moved from campfire stories, texting, speaking through the phone or sending video, to virtual world which you can design to help you explain your mood, story or create a safe space to communicate.

Interesting example might be role playing servers e.g. in GTA, where people can become anyone they want. They make a story and try to follow the line. Many people is also watching it on Twitch. It’s a basic form of metaverse encapsulated in the game. Later it might evolve to something more serious. Where part of our digital life will be present and expressed along with our offline life.

The final step will be to push virtual world into real world. It might happen by using extended reality. More and more applications are using AR. They have filters so you can change how you look, try out new shoes or check how furniture is fitting your room.

What will be the next step?